Project Presentation

The OPTIMASH Project Presentation:

The OPTIMASH project aims to optimize the efficiency and reliability of gasifiers fuelled with high-ash content coals. High Pressure Circulating Fluidized Bed gasifiers are the target technology. The objective of this 4 years project is to develop a pilot gasifier capable of producing a syngas flow at 10 bars suitable for 1MWth. Indian high ash coals are the main target of the project. To insure the fuel flexibility of the developed process, Turkish high ash coals will also be studied and their characteristics used in the modelling of the process. The project will allow optimizing the global efficiency of the gasification technology for high ash coal.The OPTIMASH project is developed by a consortium that comprises a major industrial partner and a major research institute from India, together with two major research organisms from Netherlands and France, the Turkish Coal Enterprises and one Turkish university.